Scholarships - We Keep the Music Playing!

The current Symphony Guild Scholarship Awards are presented at a CSYO spring concert by the President.

2020-2021 Guild Scholarships


Kit Ramage Award

In honor of past president Kit Ramage, this scholarship award recognizes a student who demonstrates outstanding leadership.

Member Anniversary Award

This scholarship award recognizes a CSYO member who plans to continue his/her music studies in college. The Member Anniversary Award comes from funds put aside by The Guild for members' significant membership anniversaries, beginning at 20 years and going up in five-year increments.

Seifert Anniversary Fund

Donated by Betty Seifert in honor of Bill and Betty's wedding anniversary, this merit scholarship recognizes a CSYO high school senior who intends to study music at the collegiate or conservatory level. The recipient is selected by the coaches and music director of the CSYO.