The Many Ways to Give

What exactly am I giving to and for what?  The Guild is a diverse and engaging group united by the fervent belief in the importance of sustaining great symphonic music in Charlotte and beyond!

Through our support of the Charlotte Symphony, we've seen audiences moved by the collective power and precision of a live performance by our world-class orchestra.

Thanks to our wide-ranging and award-winning youth music education programs, we've experienced first-hand how music transforms young minds: 

Through music instruction and nurturing, children learn to focus and achieve, bond and grow as a member of a youth orchestra, and even for some to forge careers in the arts.

Youth music education programs that we support financially and with volunteers include the annual Youth Festival; Youth Orchestra Summer Camp; Young Artists Competition; Master Class; School and Lollipops concerts; and our Musical Petting Zoo.

Music matters, and a most important and unique way to contribute is by sharing your time, talents and treasures to keep it playing.  Here are some of the ways you can give:
  • Join The Guild and volunteer your time and talents
  • Volunteer as a non-affiliated advisor:  share your expertise
  • Be generous with a financial donation
  • See if your company will provide a matching gift
  • Make a gift in honor or memory of a loved one
  • Sponsor an event financially and/or with an in-kind contribution of goods or services
  • Purchase tickets to an event
  • Scholarships