Music Major College Preparation Seminar Series

The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Education Committee is sponsoring a Music Major College Preparation Seminar Series, led by a panel of Charlotte Symphony Orchestra (CSO) musicians. The application process often requires months of preparation with students maneuvering through it with limited direction. Our goal is to help demystify the experience of applying to a college or conservatory as a music major and set students up for success.

The 2021 Music Major College Preparation Seminar Series includes the following sessions:
  • Session 1, held on October 29, 2022, can be viewed via ZOOM HERE. (Passcode: E12*$LNK)
  • Session 2 will be held on March 4, 2023. (Postponed as of January 2023, will notify when rescheduled)
  • Location for both sessions: Christ Lutheran Church, 4519 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28226, Ministry Center, Forum A & B.
The sessions will cover details to consider when applying to college and auditioning for music school such as the following:
  • Your private teacher 
  • The level of ensembles and performance opportunities 
  • The city you are living in and the resources it offers 
  • The level of education outside of private lessons
  • The general camaraderie and atmosphere of different schools
These topics are matters all musicians think about, experience and discuss with friends and colleagues when going through the process. Schools may even have different repertoire requirements, potential music theory/history/aural skills examinations, and interview portions. 
To assist with navigating through the application process, the panel will discuss the following key steps: 
  • Pre-screening requirements 
  • Selecting what repertoire to perform 
  • How to find a teacher at a school that might be the best fit for the student 
  • Navigating scholarships 
  • How to plan trips and travel to auditions at the highest level
  • How to present yourselves as professional students to potential schools and teachers
The CSO musician panelists have recently obtained Bachelor's and Master's degrees of Music in both college music programs and music conservatoires, and are all successfully employed in the field. They will be leading this seminar series, offering their wealth of knowledge and guidance over the next several months. 

You can view the full seminar program and agenda in the flyer HERE.

Be sure to sign-up and join us for these beneficial college prep sessions by emailing:

We look forward to seeing you there!
Taylor Marino
                  Alan Black
Victor Wang