The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.

Fellow Guild Members:
Please take a minute to read this lovely note from CSO President & CEO David Fisk.
Debbie Abels

Dear members of the Symphony Guild:
Greetings from your colleagues at the CSO!
As I'm sure you're all very much aware, today marks the one-year anniversary of the declaration of the worldwide COVID pandemic crisis.
It's hard to believe that it has been a full twelve months since the CSO was forced to close its offices, cancel performances, and make the move to the brave, new virtual world.  Although I was not here in Charlotte for the beginning of the crisis, I can well appreciate the work done in those early months by the musicians, staff, and Board, working together to figure out how to keep the CSO playing, and financially afloat - and all that has been accomplished since.
I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the first live Guild event post-pandemic, and to the opportunity to meet you all in person!
As we look forward to rebounding out of COVID, and to a wonderful new season ahead, I am excited to think of the delight that will be visible on our patrons' faces as they see and hear the orchestra back at the Blumenthal, after so long, and I can already hear in my mind the rapturous applause that's going to greet our musicians and conductors when they walk out on stage. What an opportunity we have to make the year ahead a very special one - as the CSO celebrates its 90th Anniversary Season while building on all our hard efforts and the valuable lessons learned during this last difficult year!
Kudos and thank you to all of you for keeping the Guild together through the crisis, and the funds flowing in support of the CSO's continuing work. Let's now lift our eyes and look forward to the many great years of success ahead!
Best wishes,

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