Patron Membership

We are grateful for the following 2020 - 2021 Patron Members
who have contributed to The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.

Debbie Abels
Larry Bennett
Barbara Bolz
Barbara F. Caine
Robin Cochran
Catherine and Wilton M. Connor
Ellen Crowley
Peggy Dreher
Joan Foley
Carol Follmer
Becky and Don Gabriel
Amy Greene
Priscilla Greene
Ann and Peter Guild
Deborah I. Hodde
Lea Johnson
Sharon and David Lacy
Susie Lake
Ashley Larkin
Staci and Adam Marino
Catherine L. Maxwell
Anne and Richard McKnight
Courtney Mixon
Karen Oldham
Cookie Parnell
Kathy Prokay
Patsy Reames
Betty Seifert
Wendy Smolen
Roxanne Trenkelbach
Anne and Jack Vesano
Sophie and Francis Wachter
Jin Wang
Linda Weisbruch
Amy Wenn