Board of Directors



President Jenny Tolson
President-Elect vacant
Secretary Cookie Parnell
Treasurer Tammy Matula
Assistant Treasurer Richard McKnight
Vice President - Education Adam Marino
Vice President - Fundraising Staci Marino
Vice President - Administration and Strategy Mike Rutledge
Vice President - Membership Jenny Tolson
Immediate Past President Elizabeth Connor Stewart
Nominating Committee Chair Melissa McCrory*
SOVA Rep Elizabeth Connor Stewart*
CSO Rep Shayne Doty *
* Non-Voting  


Class of 2021-2023                               Class of 2022-2024
Brienne Tinder                                          Sallie Moody
Jin Wang                                                     Karen Oldham



Chair Melissa Woolf McCrory
Committee Members Kathy Prokay
Betty Seifert
Linda Weisbruch
Immediate Past President Elizabeth Connor Stewart


Chair Mike Rutledge
Committee Members        Debbie Abels
  Elizabeth Connor Stewart


Committee Members

Young Artists Competition
Adam Marino, Vice President
Larry Bennett
Gerry Landry
Staci Marino
Karen Oldham
Linda Weisbruch, Co-Chair
Wendy Azrak, Co-Chair


Committee Members Staci Marino, Vice President
Lee Abbott
Robin Cochran
Kay Majeski
Tammy Matula
Brienne Tinder
Jin Wang


  Mike Rutledge, Vice President
Policy & Procedure Subcommittee, Chair
Committee Members

Wendy Smolen
Ellen Caldwell
Elizabeth Connor Stewart
Carol Follmer
Cookie Parnell
Long Range Planning Subcommittee Members Debbie Abels
Elizabeth Connor Stewart
Ginger Kelly
Brienne Tinder


Committee Members Jenny Tolson
Elizabeth Connor Stewart
Joan Foley

Kathy Prokay
Sharon Lacy
Melissa Woolf McCrory
Brienne Tinder
Linda Weisbruch
Member Support Susan Ramsey


Office, Marketing and Communications Administrator Susan Ramsey